That time has come. Rishi Sunak has called a General Election and after the 4th July, the makeup of parliament will have changed. We will have a host of new MPs taking their position in one of the most prestigious seats of power in our democracy.  

We have been campaigning since our inception to stamp out the scourge of misogyny from politics and every facet of public life, whether in Parliament, the media, or campaigning to make misogyny a hate crime 

We are calling on all Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to commit to taking a zero-tolerance approach to misogyny and racist misogyny in their campaigning and conduct. And we need your help to do it!  

Politics should be about facts, not misogyny, discrimination or division. This General Election marks an opportunity for political leaders and their Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to set the tone for a more respectful and inclusive politics. One that supports women, not one that diminishes them.  

This year, we are tipped to have the most ever women MPs in UK Parliament, getting us ever closer to gender parity. We know that once elected, they may face many barriers to full and equal participation in Parliament. We want to do everything in our power NOW, to fight back against misogyny before they take up their seats. We want to set a new national tone for women in UK Parliament moving forward. 

Our research shows that: 

  • 93% of women MPs said that online abuse or harassment has a negative impact on how they feel about being an MP 
  • 73% of women MPs said they 'do not use social media to speak on certain issues because of the abusive environment online', compared to 51% of men
  • Black and minoritised women, gave examples of their experiences of more extreme levels of online abuse and related incidents offline, compared to white women and men MPs
  • All MPs of Black and minoritised backgrounds in our survey reported a negative impact of safety fears, reflecting the more extreme experiences of abuse and/or threat to people of colour. 

Across the world, women Parliamentarians have shared their own experience in receiving misogynistic and racist abuse, via their inbox’s, social media and even through the post. In addition, women Parliamentarians are held up to sexist standards in the media. Articles focus on the way they look, how they dress, and even on occasion, how much knee/ or shoulder they show. 

The culture of political campaigning is often taken to be a “gloves off”, fight to the very end, regardless of the consequences. This culture can be a breeding ground for the basest of behaviours and prejudices to surface in the fight to secure a parliamentary seat by any means necessary. It is in this climate that misogyny, racism and prejudice can thrive.  

2024 is a super election year, with over 64 countries due to hold national elections. It is more important than ever before that voters hold their Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to account. But crucially, candidates themselves must root out the misogyny, racism and prejudices that hold women back from full and equal participation in our democracy.  

We are asking parliamentary candidates to sign the pledge and agree to: 

Take a zero-tolerance approach to misogyny, including racist misogyny and any other forms of hate and discrimination in my campaigning and conduct.  

Writing to your parliamentary candidates will only take 30 seconds. Fill in your details and we will produce a letter which will ask them to sign the pledge. 

(NB If your candidates details are not yet available, check back in a few days. Some candidates details may have not yet been uploaded into the database but will be uploaded in the coming days and weeks)